The mission of Charitable Gift Planners of Tampa Bay (formally the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning of Tampa Bay) is to foster awareness and to provide an effective forum for education, communication, networking and collaboration for our gift planning community.

Resumé Posting Guidelines

The Charitable Gift Planners of Tampa Bay (PPP of Tampa Bay) website is a valuable labor exchange resource for both job seekers and employers. Resumés are posted directly to Administrator of CGP of Tampa Bay, and are available for viewing by prospective employers in 5-10 business days. In order to ensure that searches are as effective as possible, and that employers are able to find qualified candidates, the following guidelines apply to all resumés.


  • Resumés must contain a description of employment related skills, knowledge, abilities and/or work history and/or work-related activity detailed enough to give prospective employers a working understanding of the job seeker’s qualifications.
  • Resumés must list the most current employment, including at least the employer’s name, job title, duties, and start and end dates. In lieu of employment, most recent work-related activity, such as education (in-school or recently completed school), or military service may be substituted.
  • Resumés may not contain the Social Security Number or date of birth of the job seeker, or the names, phone numbers, or other personal identifying information of references. This is to help ensure privacy.
  • Resumés may not contain illegal, offensive, or unsuitable content or be vague, redundant, out of date, or contain any information deemed inappropriate by our staff or by complaints from users of the web site.
  • Total posting may not exceed 200 words. Submissions longer than 20o0 words will be returned.
  • Your resumé posting will run for 30 days. We will then drop the job posting, if it has not been renewed. You may renew for another 30 days by sending us a renewal notice and $50.00 fee amount.
  • You must let us know if the person has found employment, so we can delete the posting.
  • This information should be in an email message sent to We do not accept submissions by fax, phone or mail. If you exceed 2000 words or fail to follow these guidelines, your listing will not be accepted.
  • We can generally get resumés posted within one week of submission, although that is not guaranteed.
  • You must adhere to the Resumé Posting Regulations.


  • Inclusion of a personal phone number is optional. Job seekers may choose to use email contact only.
  • Educational history is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.
  • Job objective describing the type of work the job seeker is looking for is optional, but highly recommended.
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